Satisfaction Guarantee
Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We offer a "No Questions Asked" Satisfaction Guarantee. Although
our gloves have helped many peoples' hands, Qwi Gloves do not help everyone. Our Satisfaction Guarantee allows you
to try Qwi Gloves risk-free. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

If you are dissatisfied with your Qwi product for any reason, return it to us within 30 days after purchase and we will
refund you the full purchase price. You may also request that we exchange your Qwi product for a different style or
Just follow these steps:
  • Mail your gloves and its packaging to us by US Mail (that is the most economical way) to our office address:       
    526 Chickasawba Street, Blytheville, AR 72315, USA
  • Please include a brief note inside your package with the following information:
      a.   Your name and mailing address
      b.   State whether you are exchanging your gloves or returning them for a refund.
      c.   If you are exchanging your gloves, please tell us what style and size gloves you would like us to send you.
  • We will then mail you a new set of gloves or a refund check either the same day or the next business day after we
    receive your gloves.

Please contact us if you ever have any questions or if you encounter problems with your Qwi Gloves even if it is
more than 30 days after your purchase

Our customers' opinions are extremely important to us, so we would greatly appreciate you taking a moment to write your
comments to us letting us know why you are dissatisfied with your Qwi product and how you feel we can improve our
products or service.

For those that are happy with their Qwi product, we would like to hear from you. Let us know what it is about your Qwi
product or our service that you like.
Contact us!

Here's what some of our customers say about their experience with our company and with Qwi Gloves:

  • “I just wanted to take a minute to compliment your company on its excellent customer service! WOW! I ordered a
    pair of the spandex top gloves last Tuesday and had them on Thursday. I wore them Thursday night at work (I am
    a motor officer for our police department). I ordered a size too big. Friday, I called your company and was greeted
    by a very helpful lady. I decided to go with the full leather gloves and they just arrived today, Monday! I’m
    impressed and will be telling all my friends who ride motorcycles that your company stands head and shoulders
    above the rest! Kudos!
Steve M. from Ellensburg, WA

  • “First off I have to say Thank You for taking the time to actually write me back and address all of my questions and
    concerns.  You have provided the best customer service I have experienced in years, so many companies are
    only interested in “turn and burn” and you have made it apparent that you are interested in helping people with
    various problems in their hands.  Second I can hardly believe that you were so quick to send me new gloves that
    would fit better and also a different type of pair to try as well.  I am so excited for the different lines of gloves and
    have no problem having several pairs if they help alleviate some of these issues I have. The other thing I wanted
    to say is I ride with a large group of guys who all have hand issues and one of them has severe carpal tunnel, to
    the point that it effects his riding. I am going to measure his hands tonight and order him a pair of the full length
    leather gloves to try because I want him to enjoy riding again and not be in constant pain.”
Dawn D. from Portland, OR

  • “Thank you for the excellent customer service! The medium fingerless gloves (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) fit…well,
    like a glove. The padding is most comfortable and I look forward to years/miles of use. I will highly recommend
    the gloves and your company to my riding friends.
Tim J. from Buffalo, NY

  • “I want to thank you for the outstanding customer service I have received from your company. Qwi has been one of
    the friendliest, most hassle-free companies I have ever dealt with; and I appreciate the extremely fast service in
    exchanging my gloves in time for my trip. I got a chance to try my gloves out this past weekend – they help a great
    deal! They made a huge difference in hand fatigue and numbness! I appreciate the superior product and service!
    I plan to recommend this product to all of my fellow motorcycling enthusiasts (which are numerous), as well as
    purchasing further products myself in the future! Thanks again!
James M. from Fredericksburg, VA

  • “This past summer at the South Sturgis Motorcycle Rally I purchased a pair of your FMNC-001-BLK-XL (Full
    Finger/No Cuff Motorcycle Gloves, size XL) motorcycle gloves, which I absolutely love. I recently bought another
    bike and want to purchase a second pair for it, as well as get a pair for winter riding. Thanks again for your
    awesome products and your excellent customer service.”
Ed R. from Baton Rouge, LA

  • “Thanks Lori (a Qwi Team Member) for your excellent service and Customer Care. It does not go un-noticed and I
    shall certainly tell my fellow riders about your wonderful product (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) and 1st class service.”
Gary S. from Melbourne, Australia

  • “Thank you for the quick service after I ordered the wrong size. The “right” size really makes a difference. Love the
    gloves and comfort. I am very pleased with the gloves and service.”
Benton B. from Jacksonville, NC

  • “Just a note to say thanks for sending me a large size glove to try. It is pretty tight to put on but once it is on, it fits
    much better than the XL. I want to say that customer service like this is unusual this day and time and I will spread
    the word on the message board of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association. I like the quality of the gloves and am
    very hopeful they will help with some of the pain and numbness I have experienced while riding.”
Jim B. from Nashville, AR

  • “Thank you for your prompt assistance with my problem. In this day of questionable customer service practices
    with many companies, it is extremely refreshing to deal with a company who provides exemplary service and
    employs personnel who do what they promise in a timely manner.  While I have only had one chance to use the
    glove, and that only for about 70 miles, I did feel that they were going to help my problem of having my hands get
    tingly while riding. Living in Arizona and not being use to the heat here, I will not get much riding in until fall, but I’m
    sure they will help. Based upon that and your excellent service, I will certainly recommend your gloves to all of my
    riding friends and acquaintances. Thanks.”
Will U. from Casa Grande, AZ

  • “Just a note of thanks for the great product and the wonderful service that we received. While I received the size
    glove that I ordered, they were too large and I sent them back in exchange for the next smaller size, using the
    chart that came with the gloves. Not only did the replacement gloves arrive quickly, but also with a friendly note,
    handwritten by Angie (Qwi Team Member and Registered Nurse in our orthopedic surgery office), hoping the new
    size fit better! I have stopped dealing with companies whose return/exchange policy was a hassle and who didn’t
    care whether or not I received the item that I ordered. How nice to deal with Qwi! It is good to know there are still
    good companies out there!”
Les & Adriane C. from Tolland, CT

  • “I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the replacement gloves.  I have to say in today's diminishing
    customer service levels, your willingness to stand behind your product is refreshing and unexpected.  You have a
    loyal customer and user for life.  I have been telling all of my riding buddies about how great your product is and I
    know several of them have taken the opportunity to purchase new riding gloves.  I also found out that several of
    them are not only using them for riding, but also for weight lifting. Again, please extend my sincerest appreciation
    to your staff for standing behind your product and their outstanding support.”
Jim from Frisco, TX

  • “I wanted to take the time to thank you for your professionalism and promptness in resolving my issue with the
    gloves not fitting. Even though the gloves did not work out, I do not have anything bad to say about the company or
    the product. I would definitely consider doing business with you and your company again. It was a pleasant
    experience overall and I wish for the best in your future endeavors.”
Alan O. from Lake Villa, IL

  • “Thank you so much for your speedy reply. Unlike a lot of internet stores you have re-enforced my belief that
    customer service should be number 1. Too many suppliers on the internet have this belief that just because I
    supply the customer with a cheaper product, I don't have to provide good customer service. You my friend
    obviously believe just the opposite. Customer service is number 1 and with the excellent product you sell you will
    do well. Thanks again for getting the gloves out already so I will have them for my trip. Please believe I will let
    everyone I know about your product but more importantly the excellent customer service you provide.  Good luck
    with your business and you will hear from me again when I'm in need of some replacements.”
Thomas S. from Newport News, VA

  • “Wow - I tried these gloves while on a 50 minute ride this morning. Normally my right hand goes numb in about a
    5 or 10 minutes. I did not experience any hand numbness the entire ride. These gloves are awesome! The info.
    on the website was helpful and the service was fast. I had an issue ordering online and received a call back
    immediately from Angie answering my questions. That is all too rare today and it was nice.”
Tom R. from Deerflield, MA

  • “Your company by far is the best customer pleasing outfit I’ve ever dealt with in my 43 years and it’s a great
    feeling. Thank you.”
Steve J. from Bayville, NJ

  • “I believe that high-quality products bring in customers initially, but great customer ensures that they will return.  
    You all have certainly exhibited outstanding customer service to me in this instance and it is very much
    appreciated.  You can rest assured that I will purchase additional products from you in the future. Incidentally, your
    gloves have solved the numbness and tingling problem that I was having in my right hand while riding.  So now I
    am a believer in what you already knew - these gloves are not just another gimmick; they do in fact work.”
Walter B. from Tallahassee, FL

  • “First off I want to say how much I like your product because I do in fact have nerve damage in my left palm and
    fingers. Received the replacement gloves the other day and already put 500 + miles on them. These gloves
    absolutely perform as advertised. Thanks for the awesome product and especially your customer service. I will
    continue to spread the word!”
Buz R. from Randleman NC

  • “Thank you for your excellent customer service and for your excellent product! I’ll be telling every rider I know to try
    your gloves.”
Sean M. from Parkville, MD

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